Line Painting / Striping

A parking lot is the first thing that customers, clients, and visitors see of a facility. The color contrast of a newly striped lot is attractive and shows that the property owner emphasizes maintenance.

We use only MTO-approved commercial paints which are used on public roads and highways. When striping, we take the time to ensure that every line and stencil is striped perfectly. We also ensure that we are laying the proper amount of paint in order to ensure the longevity of our services, in contrast to companies that line paint as fast as they can, and use as little amount of paint as possible. Because we do it right the first time, often the lots we have striped last a couple more years than our competitors.

All of our line painting services always follow local laws and regulations. A properly striped parking lot not only looks attractive but improves the property image and ensures the safety of others.

Line striping includes: Crosswalks, Stop-bars, Custom Stencils, Loading Zones, Hatching, Directional Arrows, Curb Painting, Handicap Parking, Safety Railings, Sidewalk Steps, Numbering, Airport Painting, Custom Layouts, Helicopter Pads, Tennis Courts, Sports Fields, Playground Games, Line Removal, etc.


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